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She stopped in her tracks and her eyes went as wide as Wife and sister fuck mother when she saw the three of us. Mom and I were still hugging, so she released me, took one step backwards, and turned around. The scene must have been mortifying to my sister. In front of her were three of her family members, stark naked and obviously in the midst of some kind of sexual activity.

Mom glanced from Jessica to Aunt Gail, who gave her a wan smile, and then to me. I think Jessica may have been in shock because she walked over and sat down at the table, in spite Wife and sister fuck mother our nakedness. We each sat around the round four-person table. The sight must have been ridiculous: Mom sat at the table with her large, soft breasts on display.

They swayed as she sat down, and then she placed her arms on the table and leaned forward, smashing her boobs into her arms. To her left was Aunt Gail, who was sitting back in her chair for the entire world to see her spectacular, firm breasts.

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Aunt Gail was perfectly comfortable with the situation, which caused my mind to wonder once again. I wondered if Aunt Gail had been in situations where multiple people were naked together. The thought of Aunt Gail in an orgy started my semi-erect penis to swell once again.

I was thankful I was sitting next to a table. And, why does Sammy have a hard-on?

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Mom let her vent quietly for a few seconds and then took a deep breath. Then, all I ask is that you hear me out. You are very outgoing and gregarious and Sammy is much more of an introvert. You just wait and see. You were going to meet new friends, join clubs, find new romantic interests, but most of all you would not sit Wife and sister fuck mother your room and play video games all day.

I turned back to Mom when she began speaking again.

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He started doing yoga with me every day. He confided in me that he met a lot of young ladies his own age, but it became apparent to me that his lack of confidence and experience were too large a barrier for him to overcome, at least during this summer. It took Jessica several seconds to understand the meaning of what Aunt Gail had just said.

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She stared at Aunt Gail, and then the realization that Aunt Gail had taken my virginity hit and it immediately showed on her face. Jessica turned to look at me and then back to Aunt Gail.

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As you know, your Dad and I have been married since I was very young. She was no longer worried about what Jessica thought, but more interested in venting her own frustration. I wore as few clothes as I could without being too obvious, and encouraged him to be…playful.

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I thought we might just have some fun, like flirting or something. He knew exactly which buttons to push and how to treat a lady. He went from flirting to fucking in less than a minute, and frankly, I liked it. He really knows how to turn a woman on. She looked at me and smiled.

I looked at Aunt Gail and beamed. She looked at Jessica and pointed at her.

The scene must have been...

Jessica held up both hands to Mompalms out. Mom took a deep breath.

Why do I keep thinking...

I am frustrated with my sex life with your Dad, but I love him so. This morning, however, I had that sexual release that I have so craved, and lo and behold, I already loved him, and there is no risk of me leaving your Dad for him.

Jessica scooted her chair back from the table and walked around Wife and sister fuck mother Mom with her arms out. I had no idea. The answer is none. Mom looked concerned and Aunt Gail was nodding her head in agreement. An experienced woman taking the time to teach a young man how to satisfy a woman will sure make him a hot commodity at college.

She reached out and ran her fingers through my hair. They looked at each other and laughed. She then placed her feet on either side of her showing just how flexible she was and completely displaying her pussy to all of us. Her labia were swollen and her large clit Wife and sister fuck mother poking out from under its hood.

Mom shrugged and tilted her head to one side, a shit-eating grin on her face. Mom nodded her head with the grin still on her face. Aunt Gail moaned and threw her head back. Mom repeated her long licks several times. Mom stood up and moved to the side for Jessica. My penis felt like it was hard enough to break glass.

I became aware that I was slowly stroking it and was very much enjoying the show. Jessica was wearing a tight fitting T-shirt, a pair of spandex exercise shorts, and flip flops. She dove back into the task at hand. Mom unhooked her bra, which fell to the floor.

Her ass was taut and firm and I could clearly see her shaved vulva from behind. I wondered to myself if that was because Aunt Gail and Mom had taken dicks up their butts in the past and Jessica had not.

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