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It was late June and I was 14 years old. My mom turned off the radio in the middle of a song and said sternly. He was being a brat. I knew he was going to smoke anyway. He probably smoked an eighth a day at the time.

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My grandma hates weed and associates it with hippies. She also hates hippies. I heard my brother zip open his backpack and we smelled his weed in the front seat. I looked at my mom and smiled. My brother saw me smile and laughed. My mom rolled her eyes and laughed too. She was turning 50 that next week but was having her party that next day. I was not excited to dress up or mingle. That next morning my grandma was microwaving frozen bacon.

My aunt and siblings were still asleep. My mom walked downstairs and sat next My wife fucked her brother stories me at the kitchen table. She kissed my head and hugged me around the shoulder.

I leaned my head against her. She asked if I want a cup of coffee. In most of the photos she was wearing overalls and old-man glasses. My mom asked me to make a party playlist on my iPod for her. We used to listen to Wicked in the car all the time. A few hours into the party I realized Wicked was a bad choice. It was really sunny and everyone was standing in small clusters on the lawn.

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It was weird to have dramatic Broadway music sound-tracking tipsy people. I walked inside to get my sunglasses. I was standing alone by a bush when a really short man came up to me and handed me a flask of blackberry flavored brandy, which was foul. He said he was My wife fucked her brother stories retired marine.

His voice was deep and cigarettey and he spoke like a major in the army. My mom called me over from where she was sitting. She told me to get a bag of ice from the garage freezer.

Walking out of the garage, I saw Special Ed and my brother in the driveway. Special Ed was handing my brother the same flask, whispering into his ear. My brother looked amused. Come join the real party!

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Special Ed smiled, nodded, and came over. Special Ed curled in his lips and scrunched his eyebrows. He stared down for maybe 20 seconds.

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I laughed to myself. Whoever she chose would have to drink every time she did. She chose Special Ed. You can hide it! But us men, no! I stared at Special Ed with a neutral expression imagining him and my sister having sex. I looked at Jerry, who was He was smiling but seemed kind of nervous.

I wondered what he was thinking. Special Ed talked for some time about his boner then stood up. About an hour later my aunt was My wife fucked her brother stories hot dogs and burgers on the grill. It was still really sunny. She sometimes gets stressed about things involving guests.

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She looked like the life of the party. The people were waiting for their food and awkwardly mingling. My aunt served the food and the people went back to their clusters. I heard a car door slam and looked toward the driveway.

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She and Billy were walking slowly with their arms linked. Her skin was yellowish and her hair looked extra thin. My aunt sat down with her and Billy in the shade and told my sister to make Billy a hotdog. My sister was drinking probably her third rum and coke out of a red Solo cup. Special Ed looked nervous and I felt bad. His girlfriend had her hands on her hips.

I think she My wife fucked her brother stories about a foot taller than him. She was grunting and mumbling and being really expressive with her eyes. She fell for no apparent reason while jogging toward the grill.

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Billy would have loved it! My sister pulled the cup toward herself. My aunt let go.

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My sister stumbled backwards, then walked away laughing, still holding the hotdog. I had never seen them treat each other that way before. I wondered if their relationship was changed forever.

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I looked for my mom to tell her what happened. It was about an hour later and my sister was asking me something about someone named Mark.

Her cheeks were pink and she was smiling. I nodded and walked towards my mom, who was talking to a woman with an indistinguishable tattoo on her boob.

She grabbed my face and kissed it really hard. I thought that this was something she may not do in sobriety. It was my sister. She turned to me.

Can you do that? On my way to the bar I saw Scott, the husband My wife fucked her brother stories the only high school friend my mom keeps in touch with, turning in circles alone. He was most likely hammered. I looked at his face. His mouth was moving. He stared at me, still moving his mouth.

He seemed to be uncontrollably mumbling. There was nothing for me to do.