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Lubricate the anus

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If you are going to have anal sex there is no other requirement than having a good anal lube. Being able to have a great anal sex experience with your partner depends mostly on how many time have you done it already. But using anal specifically made lube can help considerably reduce the pain and increase pleasure due to their texture and ingredients.

If you don't use condom for anal sex, go for all natural coconut oil as lube. If you use condom, then thick silicone based lubes are Lubricate the anus best as they don't dry out and last longer.

Finding the best personal lubricant can be difficult. There Lubricate the anus literally thousands of them on the market today. Fortunately, they all fall into three types: It is slick, slippery and last much longer than any other lubes.

The only downside is you can't use it with silicone toys as it breaks them down. On the other hand, Water based lubes like System Jo Anal can be used with all toys and latex condoms. However, they are less slippery than silicone based lube and dry quickly so you need to reapply them quite often. They are very easy to clean, though.

Best Anal Lube - Quick...

If you want to get the best of both worlds, then try Hybrid lubes like Liquid Silk. They are basically water based lube with the mixture of silicone base. They are very slick and last much longer than water based lube and very easy to clean. If you are looking for desensitizing lubes then Cleanstream Relax anal lube is a great choice.

It is water based lube that Lubricate the anus Lidocaine as a numbing agent.

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