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For additional information contact: Editorials plus commentary by Mihai Veres Improving Your Skills, by Dennis Wildfogel Where did Mappers Come From? Reports by Ann Leonard, Ian R.

Harding, Phil Hawkes- events: Reports by Bill Anderson, Jim Lauder Pacific Northwest 0-Fest, Jul Periodicals postage paid at Cambridge, MA. Additional charge for first class or overseas mailing. Your mailing label will tell you. Renew ear- the Sierras of Carolyn and john hookup simulators ouran. Copy deadlines and mailing dates for the next three isues are: In their pages in this issue, the US we depend on each other.

It's not easy, but it provides many re-for proposals for a publication to continue cate with its membership forl3 years. And wards, although not financial.

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On March 12, Orienteering Cincinnati ings may be important in the future. As There were not enough ranked orienteers inheld a World Ranking Event as part of their orienteering spreads to more countries, the the competition for the event to be used forFlying Pig ill meet. The Event was brought increasing numbers may require that entries world ranking.

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What is a ed, and rankings may be used to do that. Well in the US, all that enough ranked orienteers competed toA-meets and certain other events are used So this was to be an opportunity for get the system going here, we were in error.

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And it' s the same on the orienteers in the US and Canada to get Once more, it appears from our point ofworld level. The IOF has selected a number some ranking points.

Those rank- nent could get ranking points in future WRE' s. But it Carolyn and john hookup simulators ouran not turned out that way. The peak of perfor- discussion or analysis. Since then this issue be- This challenge should become the ob- This issue has been revolving in my came more acute and I have been analyzing jective of all candidates for a position on thethoughts for several years along with ques- the situation and coming to some conclu- WOC national Team.

This will increase eve-tions about the evolution of orienteering in sions: I see some general theoretical plans ryone's level of performance and, I hope, thethe US. I believe that we funding activities to sustain those plans.

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Now we have to put I have a strong feeling that we have Plans need specific guidelines and qualified together all the practical ideas and come upreached a point in the development of orien- people to execute them. But, we need to find with a long range plan and new objectivesteering, where, in the most optimistic view, people willing to get involved.

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If we have the will, we canWe need some new Carolyn and john hookup simulators ouran to improve the To attain high performance in interna- find ways to accomplish what we need to do,status of high performance, and, we hope, tional competition, we must work together with minimum efforts and almost no extrathe results of US orienteering at the interna- with what we have, and give the best of our expenses. We definitely need something new in Before we can accomplish anything, we order to improve high Level performancehave to decide whether we are really inter- High level performance in a sport is set nationally.

We must start with more effi-ested in improving the performance quality by the top athletes in a country usually na- cient communication and better contact be-of the sport we all love and practice. We must focus on tween USOF, Team members, alternates, getting this group of athletes to perform bet- and eligible candidates.

We must create Another question bothers me: I wonder ter, because as they do, they will raise the mandatory objectives and tests to qualifyif I am the only one wondering about high level of everyone's efforts and the overall for the US Team, known by all ahead ofperformance in US orienteering.

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I have been living and orienteering in This year, as a Team member myself, I We have the potential, we have only tothe US for more than six years and I have yet am training to try to achieve the best individ-to come across any instance of that the term, ual result ever for a US orienteer at a World find the way to use it! It was a color map. I We have received messages from I recently competed in the North Amer- can't recall the name of the area but I think it many of you who read this magazine, byican, Canadian, and United States Orienteer- was right on the outskirts of Eugene, to the email, by snail-mail, by phone, and ining Championships and thoroughly enjoyed south east.

These are communications ofthe events, but was amused to find that non- the nicest kind: This was the case in when I also Whitehorse, Yukon Y l A 5E2, Canada orienteering has the world's best peoplecompeted, but I felt sure that the situation ph ; fax involved with it. These responses dem-would have been rectified by now. Ed Scott's response to my January com- Thank you all.

In the Australian Tennis Open events almost every week last fall. The rest date event issuecurrently being held there are no Australians of the clubs had at most two events eacheven in the male or female single finals. Having the A-award the Championship to the winner, but local - B-local events sequence will allow Jun LAOC A-meet Febacknowledge the first national competitor more of us the opportunities Carolyn and john hookup simulators ouran orienteerwith an award for the first US or Canadian weekly.

This situation surely deserves re- their fall schedule. Presently, there are onlyview to bring orienteering into line with rec- four weekends this fall that are scheduled for Freedom 0-Fest Aprognised sports. Having additional national A-events for this fall will not increase atten- July Great Lakes O-Fest'99 Feb Meredyth Sauer dance since they will conflict with local 45 Cashmere Lane events already scheduled.

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Therefore, having July Pacific NW 0-Fest Apr Cashmere, Queensland, Australia coordination among neighbor clubs with re- gional events is a way of filling the void. Regional I must say that I found this quite bizarre events will allow for a regional ranking sys- Dec Jan7 World Masters Champswhen she Meredyth Sauer told me about it.

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Some years ago, a goodfriend and training partner of mine became The last few pages carry a 3-month scheduleResident Champion even though he was ac- by region for the US and Canada, 'tually fourth in the race. Nova stands for Northern Virginia where Quantico is located and org is for a non-profit organization.