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Comes in unfinished pine. Decorator mirrors in six styles. A reflection on your good taste Willy Age; 36 Occupation: College student, mother,teacher, wife fciajoi: The everyday politics at empowerment Career Goal: The Bush administration and its allies will spend more than SIO per voter to influence Nicaragua's Feb, 25th election.

With that kind of meddling, does democracy stand a chance? A Celebration of Women in Film 1 features 17 programs of films and videos made by women.

Don't try this at home. By Tim Redmond, T 6 Editorials: Ethics package only a start. The Smoot case and the OCC. Tavern wench mere sensationalism.

At least this tease was free. I've seen the majority, firsthand. Closed Smoot case decision may violate the Brown Act. Now a Tenderloin slumlord. By Tim Redmond and Heather Mackey. Page 9, 28 Theater: Two Bay Area concerts bring folk music back to the community. And now, gay junk mail. By David Israels, 23 Restaurants: Under the direction of a new chef, the Corona Bar and Grill is a hot spot.

TV or not TV. By Isadora Aim Aerobic area bay class francisco san strip tease. Health and Fitness Special pullout section: Photo by Lukina Knohanz. In a challenging, academic setting, mature, working adults are speaking their minds, writing from their experiences and getting credit for It. For most domestic arid import vehicles. The folks who are profiled in my story on page 17 like making their marks up high — about 50 feet above Bryant St.

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The result is on our cover, in living color. If you happened to wander by Fifth and Bryant or drive east across the Bay Bridge the last day of or the first day ofyou probably saw it yourself — it was pretty hard to miss.

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These folks are outlaw artists who realize that their work is always going to be somewhat temporary. Like pirate radio broadcasters, they make their statement in the name of free expression, get out before the authorities arrive and move on to do it somewhere else.

Like all good political pranksters, they also have a lot of fun.

California, United States Dance Studios...

The BLF members were happy to explain, in some detail, the techniques they use and the precautions they take when they go about their dangerous business.

During the alteration, the folks on the board usually just tw r o or three people use hand-held CB radios to communicate with lookouts on the streets they stay away from the popular channels — the ones cops and concerned citizens might be monitoring — and talk in code.

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And we sell everything everyday at incredibly low prices! Isn't it nice to have an uncle in the business? And for good reason: Every now and then, a case comes to light that is so blatant, so obvious, that it can't be ignored.

When that happens, the legislators insist that it's just an isolated instance, a single bad apple to be cut out of the barrel. Senator Joseph Montoya D-Whittier is now on trial on bribery, extortion and money-laundering charges.

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Now, suddenly, with opinion polls suggesting that the public is no longer buying the standard line, legislators are scurrying to support an ethics- reform package that they hope will repair the damage to their images and preserve their political careers.

The complaint alleged that the inspectors, all veteran cops, had been negligent in pursuing the killer because the victim had been gay. The OCC investigators, in turn, had to examine the details of the case to determine how. This sort of thing is subjective and hard to prove at best. And the Police Aerobic area bay class francisco san strip tease totally blew it.

But it also addresses one of the most glaring and most underreported loopholes in the Political Reform Act: When we broke the first story about the problem back in 19S4, the FPPC chairman, Dan Stanford, vowed to campaign for legislation that would dose that loophole — but with the Legislature Aerobic area bay class francisco san strip tease by Brown and his allies, such bills never had a chance.

Now, as the problems have become increasingly bad, the climate may have changed. But advocates of political reform should press for a stronger package, too, A truly effective bill would forbid legislators w ho are also lawyers from representing private clients who do any business before any state or local agencies — and would mandate that all elected officials with private clients of any son make public each year a full, detailed list of those clients, their precise fees and the nature of the work the legislator is doing on their behalf.

But the public has to keep the pressure on: As Jim Balderston repons on page 8, the Brown Act does not authorize secret meetings in such instances and more important, the credibility of the process demanded a public hearing and public vote. For years, the civilian oversight agency has been crippled — by a lack of money, a lack of political support, a lack oflegal authority, a lack of independence and the lack of a director with the commitment, skill and courage to handle one of the toughest jobs in San Francisco, The OCC is in serious trouble.

Its credibility is deteriorating.

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Some commissioners, most notably Gwenn. Craig, seem to recognize this.

The first pan is easy: A simple majority vote by the commissioners can authorize the OCC to hire its own lawyer, and a simple budget allocation by the Mayor's Office can make it possible. That ought to happen immediately, like this week.

The second step is more complex: There is some debate over whether the commission can allow' the OCC to bypass the chief without a Charter Amendment. The commission should immediately request a city attorney's opinion and make it public. Like so much religio-mystical poetry, they are based on cultural literary prototypes.

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From this short segment, I find the Ayatollah to be a tradition-ridden, cliche-burdened poet with little imagination that is fresh or penetrating. What does interest me in this short text is that Khomeini is feigning the voice of the Sufi, This poem shows Khomeini to have been either a hypocrite or a much more complex person than the Western media has credited him to be. I hope in the future you refrain from the same cheap sensationalism of which you accuse the mainstream media.

Geoffrey Cook Berkeley At least this tease was free 1 was so disappointed in your Dec. Endara's party, thus setting the stage for the events leading up to the U. S, to help them get rid of Noriega, as they have no other means to do the job alone the army has ail the weapons. Maybe your editors should first visit the countries they write about.

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Bentley Stinson Beach For the record: Anyone wishing to attend should contact Kevin Martin at We apologize for the omission. Send all tetters to: modern/postmodern dance created in the San Francisco Bay Area: Carol Beals' Waterfront - that she made for the San Francisco Dancers Workshop, a company produced a May pole for us to do a May pole dance in someone's dancers taught classes and workshops, including an aerobics class.

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